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Business Spoken English Unit Twenty-Seven: Claims Content & Amount

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Core Tip:Business Spoken English Unit Twenty-Seven: Claims Content & Amount

Part One

791.The goods we ordered on February 12 have arrived in a damaged condition.

792.A number of cases are broken and the contents are badly damaged.

793.The package are insufficient and the contents leak out considerably.

794.We wish to inform you that five of the cars we bought from you have been seriously out of order within 50Km driving distance.

795.Nearly 20% of the bales were broken and the contents badly soiled.

796.From the shipment of 2,000 cases of glassware, we find that a number of wooden cases and the contents have been broken.

797.On inspection, we found that about 50 bags are broken and it is estimated that 240Kg of cement had been lost.

798.We regret to inform you that eight of the cases of your consignment arrived in a badly damaged condition.

799.We have examined the contents and find that 92 pieces are missing and the rest unfit for use.

800.Your shipment of goods has been found short in weight by reinspection.

801.We are now making a claim against you for the ten defective sew machines.

802.There is a shortage of 1,450 pounds in this shipment.

803.On arrival of the shipment, we found at least 50 cases damaged, which made up 20% of the total quantity.

804.We had the material inspected immediately when the goods arrived, and a shortage of 15kg was found.

805.It was found, much to our astonishment, that nearly 30% of the electronic components were water-stained.

806.You should make amends for the losses by replacing all the detective products, and paying for the business we have lost.

807.After the inspection of the goods arrived, we found a shortage of 50MT.

808.Case NO 16 was found to be 3 packages short.

809.We are now lodging a claim against you for the short weight of fertilizer.

810.We have to ask for compensation of the loss incurred as a result of the interior quality of the goods concerned.

Part Two

811.We hope indemnification will be made for all expenses incurred.

812.On the basis of the survey report, we register our claim with you for $3,000.

813.You are requested to compensate us for the total loss of sugar at value of $105 Per MT.

814.We claim compensation of $1,800 for inferiority of quality.

815.We have to file a claim against you to the amount of $7,000 plus inspection fee.

816.You should compensate us by 3% , plus the inspection fee.

817.This is a statement of loss and you should indemnify us $2,450.

818.We are compelled to claim on you to compensate us for the loss, $27,500, which we have sustained by the damage to the goods.

819.We found that the quality of the TV sets we received last week is below standard. So we request a 5% allowance.

820.We claim an allowance of £230 on account of the quality of this shipment.

821.We have to ask for compensation of £6,000 to cover the loss incurred as result of the inferior quality of the goods.

822.We are compelled to claim on you to compensate us for the loss, $20,000, which we have sustained by the disqualified goods.

823.We are willing to accept the shipment only if you allow a 30% reduction in price.

824.We hope you will settle this claim as soon as possible.

825.Claims for shortage must be made within 30 days after arrival of the goods.

826.Kindly remit us the amount of claim at an early date.

827.On examination, we have found that many of the sewing machines are severely damaged.

828.Please dispatch, within one week, the replacement of another five refrigerators with a price reduction of thirty percent of the total value of the five refrigerators.

829.We should be obliged if you would forward us a replacement for the machine as soon as possible.

830.We insist that you should send perfect goods to replace the defective goods.


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