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Spoken English for Trade Unit 1 Establishing trade relation

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Core Tip:Unit 1:Establishing trade relation.

Unit 1:Establishing trade relation.

The following conversation is between Mr.Gatty, an importer from Britain, and Mr.Dong,a director of Liming Foodstuffs factory. Mr Gatty is visiting the sample room of the factory and Mr Dong is accompanying with him.

Mr Dong: Here is our sample room.Mr Gatty: You certainly have got a large collection of sample foodstuffs here.

Mr Dong: Yes. We are exporting a wide range of foodstuffs to many countries. And the demand is getting greater and greater.

Mr Gatty: So it is. Though we havent done business with you, as you know, your exports of foodstuffs to our country have considerably increased during the last few years. It appears that Chinese foodstuffs are very attractive.

D:You said it .The quality of ours is as good as that of many other suppliers, while our prices are not high as theirs .By the way ,which items are you interested in ?

G:Canned goods are of special interest to me ,particularly the canned fruit and meat.As your canned fruit is among the most popular ones in our market,I'm going to place an order in a day or two .

D:Good .How about our canned meat?G:I think it will also find a good marketing in our country.Will you show me some samples?

D:Yes.This way ,please! Our canned meat is in various weighs .The largest one weighs three and a half pounds net,the smallest seven ounces net.

G: The small sizes are more saleable in our market than the large ones .I've brought with me a sample of canned meat Which is only six ounces .The smallest size of yours is even bigger than that of mine .I wonder if your canned meat tastes better.

D:Your are welcome to have a try .Here it is .Ours is of prime quality .

G:Oh, It's delicious.Mm...I'm not sure about the pesticide residues in your foodstuffs ,though I'm sure ,you must have given much thought to the matter.But you know ,our governmental restritions have been getting more and more tight,so we are not allowed to import any polluted goods.

D:You can rest assured .Our foodstuffs are guaranteed to conform to WHO standards.

G:Good.I'd like to order meat of this kind in seven ounce tins if the price is competitive.

D:What about other canned goods ,such as canned mushrooms and vegetables?

G:They are not as saleable as canned fruit ,I suppose .

D:Mm , no .I really do not think that is so .They are also among our major exports and have found a favourable reception in many other countries.

G:Then ,may I have a look at the samples first ?D:Certainly .Here you are .

G:Ah ,very nice indeed .But I am not sure whether they are to the taste of our people .What would you say to my taking some samples home before I make a decision?

D:That's all right.

G:Well ,I have an appointment at 4:00.shall we talk about over tomorrow moning ?

D:Ok ,See you tomorrow .


Dialogue 1:

A:Would you like to have a see at our showroom,Ms Olive?

B:I Love to.

A:This way,please.

B:Thanks you.How beautiful.

A:Where shall we start?

B:It will take hours if I really look a look at everything.

A:You may be interests in our some items.Let's look at those.

B:Good idea.I can just have plans and a rest.

A:By the way,Ms Olive.How long have you been in this business?

B:I have been this for more than 20years,but the company it this business since 1935.

A:No wonder you are so experienced.

B:That 's our business have becoming difficult since competition grow

A:That's true.

B:Do you have a catalogue or something tells me about your company?

A:Yes,I will get you some later.

B:Thanks.When can we work for a deal?

A:Would tomorrow be convenient?

B:Yes,I will be fine.

Dialogue 2:

A:Excuse me,could you tell me where I can order electronical planes?

B:This line will be glad to take your order.Here's my card.

A:Thanks.Here's my card.I'm Adison from ABC trading company limited.We've imports electronics and chain systems.

B:We've have a look at our samples.

A:Your development of electronical products have been remarkable.

B:Yes,our research has had a good results.

A:Do you produce middle tape recorders?What's that?Is it television sets?

B:No,that's television phone.It is still experimental.

A:What's the problem?

B:We have to solve the problem of using agricutural focusing waves and around 1000 hz..

I've forgotten to ask you what products you are interested in.

A:I think I have already seen some items we'd like to order.But allow us to study them a little further.

B:Okay,go ahead.

A:I will probably let you know by tomorrow.

B:I will be expecting you tomorrow morning,saying am I.

A:Tomorrow am I.Prefect.


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