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Spoken English for Trade Unit 2 Marketing

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Core Tip:Spoken English for Trade Unit 2 Marketing

Unit 2:Marketing

Markable speed raising bicycle is a new product.China national light industrial products import&export cooperation,wants to open up a new market abroad for them.Here,Mr Mar of exports department is trying to push it sale with Mr Brown,an represetitive from an American firm.

Mr Mar,I saw your raising bicycles over there.They really look smart.

You said it.They are the new models of our main-brand named FLIEX,raising bicycles,a lot lighter than the other ones,a great favorite with the young people abroad.

How much do they weigh?

Those made from all steal have that weight of around 17.5kilograms and those of light a low aim at levvel about 16kilograms only.

That's impressive.What's your model range?

In general,we have five for gentals and ladies size:.19 21 23 25 and 27.The colors vary,depending on the buyer's requirements.Do you think they have a chance on your market?

Um,they could be marketable in our area.But our buyers are rather decriminating.What do it appreciate most is the reliable machine.

Sure,no one would buy a bike that falls to pieces quickly.We liability is our strong point.

Our bikes has been exported to many countries.Users abroad are satisfied with the delivery.

Such raising bicycles are new truck to consumers.They must be handle very carefully,right from the is no easy thing to open up a new marketing.

No one naturally be problem in the sales work,we can understand,at the initial stage.But we can safely say that good quality and reasonable price will make our bikes very competitive.

Good thing you would be compete with experienced exported from developed countries,for instance,take the Japanese.Their buyers are well establised with buying in public.

Well,that depends on our mutual efforts.We can offer excellent terms.Mr Brown,if you have an spacific order on hand.

Look,Mr Mar,I will be waiting to give you a recent bicycle a try.But you have to garauntee continues production.And adequate try spare parts .Further more,delivery dates much be kept.

Oh,yes,of course.We give priority to export orders.You need not worry.

Before I make a decision,I must have some more information.Do you have a booklet or something that will tell me about factory organization,and production,what is capacity,I mean how many buyer could you supply.

We care up to a very large full for our market.Here are some possibility for showers which will show you the latest in the vesions in our factory

I think this is nothing in quite same things in actual operation.

Would you like to make an inspection tour in factory.

Yes,very much if it wouldnot be inconvenience with you.first-hand information is always more valuable than waiting pamfulates.

I am sure we can arrange that let you know the time tomorrow

That would be great.Mr Mar,you know a smooth deal always helps future sales.Mr Jone,you holds a special appeal to everybody.

Thank you,Mr Victor.You know,in recent years,we have imported an advanced telenology of bus production from several countries.And applied our achievement in scientific research to bus production.Our bus is the perfect image of advanced telenology and passenger convenience.

Really,then what are the understanding property of your buses.

There are three,good adapebitity,few efficient,and insight roominess.

This year,our company shows academic tendency.There is a growing demand for all kinds of buses.We are looking for more suitable suppliers.

We have noticed the upturn economy and we will be very glad if you can help you with your economy construction.

Ours is the largest bus of import and export company,We are glad to offer you our help to win a market in our country.

Thank you for kindness.Though We have never done business with any company of your country.I am sure our products will be competitive in your market.

Maybe true.At present,We want to choose one or two buses for a trial sale

That's a good idea.But what shall we do if want to get a foot in your country?

Advertisement is the first.You have to let orders know your buses.

Yes,advertisement is necessary.But the most important thing the good quality and suit property.

We will supply the bicycles you really need.

I will let you know the market reaction after I selled the two buses.So that,you can make improvement to meet our special need.

Well ,if your country is really a potential market of our products,we can make some change in design as your request.

Thank you.


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