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Spoken English for Trade Unit 3 Inquires

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Core Tip:Spoken English for Trade Unit 2 Inquires

Unit 3:Inquiries

Mr. Clive from a company in Canada,comes to a machinery plant for the prices of a small hardware.Mr Yang is meeting with him.

C:I am glad to have the opportunity of visiting your cooperation.I hope we can do business together.

Y:It's a great pleasure to meet you,Mr Clive.I believe you have seen our exhibits in the showroom.What's it in particular you are interested in?

C:I've interested in your hardware i have seen in exhibits in studying you catalogues.I think some of the items we will find the ready market in Canada.Here is list of inquirement.I would like have your lowest quotation CIF Bencover.

Y:Thank you for your inquiry.Would you tell us what quantity you inquiry,so that we can work out the offer.

C:I will do that,meanwhile,could you give me indication of the price.

Y:Here are our FOB price.All price in the list are subject to our //confirm/i/iation.

C:What about commission,as European supplier are usually getting it 3-5% commission for my imports.It's the general practice.

Y:As a rule,we do not allow any commission,but if the order is a sizeable one,we will consider it.

C:You say,I do business on a commission basis.A commission on your prices will make it easier for me to promote sales, even 2-3% would help.

Y:We will discuss this when you place your order with us.

A Chinese company wants to import some machine tools from a American company.Mr Huang is discussing with Mr Bacon from the company about the information of the price.

B:I understand that you are interested in our machine tools,Mr Huang.

H:Yes,we are thinking of placing an order.We''d like to know what you can offer in a line as well as your sales terms,such as mode of payment,delivery ,discount etc.

B:As you know,we supply machine tools of all types in sizes.We have years with experience in manufacturing machines tools.

H:We've read about this in your sales literure.Could you give us some idea about your prices?

B:Our prices compares favorably offered by those any other factorys either Europe or anywhere else.Here are our latest price sheets.You'll see that our price are most attractive.

H:Do you take special orders,that's it,do you make machine according to specific occasions?

B:We do,as a matter of fact,we design machine tools for special purposes.

H:How long does it usually take you to make delivery.

B:It's a rule we deliver all our orders within 3 months after receipt of our recovery letter of credit.It takes longer of course for special orders.But in no case,we'd take longer than 6 month.

H:Good,another thing,all your price are on the CIF basis.We rather you quote it us FOB price.

B:That can be done easily.May I see the manager?

H::I am afraid he is not in.Is there anything I can do for you?

B:Yes,I've brought some catalogues of machine tools.I wonder if any of you end users would like to have a look it down.

H:They certainly would.Would you leave them with me?

B:We are supplied with machine tools of varies types.I think you end users will be interested in some of our new products.

H:We are thinking of ordering some special kinds of machines tools.We will be interested in your products if there are types we want.

B:As you probably know,we also take orders of machine tools make according to specific occasions.

H:How long would it take you to deliver the orders?

B:3 months at most.After receipt the customer's LC.It would take longer to deliver the special orders,though never longer than 6months.

H:Very well,we will send you catalogues to those we are interested in.Meanwhile,may I have the indication of the price?Can I have your p rice sheet?

B:Yes,of course.Here you are.Our price compare most favorably with quotations you can get from other manufactures.You can see that from our price sheet,the prices are subject to our confirmation naturally.

H:All your quotations are on the FOB Vancover basis.May I ask if you allow any discount?

B:Please tell what you have in mind?

H:From European suppliers,we usually get it 5%discount,sometimes 10%.

B:If your order is large enough,we will consider give you some discount.

H:Fine,we will negotiate after we decide how many machine tools we are going to order from you.

B:When could we hear from you?

H:Next Friday.


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