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Spoken English for Trade Unit 4 Negotiations

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Core Tip:Spoken English for Trade Unit 4 Negotiations

A company of America wants to import some toys and doors from China.Mr Bacon,the representative of the America side,was sent to Shanghai to hold a business talk.Mr Li,from Shanghai toys import and export corporation,meets an offer to him.

B:Look!All these articles are our best selling lines.

L:Wo,how marvelous .Pls give me two samples,each of the toy car and door.What prices do you quote for these two items?

B:They are all on the catalogues.Here's the price list.You’ll see all the prices are very competitive.

L:Do you quote CIF or FOB?

B:Our prices are FOB with a commission of 5% for you.

L:But I 'd rather have your lowest quotation.CIF SEA 5% San Francisco.

B:That can be done easily.We will work out CIF offer this evening, and give it to you tomorrow morning.But could you give us a rough idea of the quantity you would require?

L:I think it’s better for you to quote your price first.The size of the order depends very much on your price.

B:All right.We will see what we can do.

L:How long did you generally keep your offers open?

B:The prices on the catalogue are without engagement.In case of firm offers,we usually keep our offers open for three days.

L:Could you make the offers firm for seven days?You see, I will have to send the telegraph to my customers and ask it about their opinion.

B:We will consider it when we come to the congrate business.Mr Jean,do you have offers for all the articles listed here?

J:Oh,yes,this is the price list.But it serves as a guideline only.Is there anything you are particular interested in?

B:Yes,I am interested in your embroidery table cloth.It found a ready market in our country last year.So,once again,the main item of our order is embroidery table cloth.This time,we will have 50,000 pieces.It is a large order,isn't it?

J:If the order is so large,we will offer you our most favorable terms.We will give you a 5% discount.

B:Thank you.That does seem to be a nice offer.Now,what would be the earliest possible date of shipment

J:By this coming July.Do you have any specific your request for packing?Here are the samples of packing available now.You may have a look.

B:Oh,wonderful.These three are all right by our preferred small boxes and they are the most beautiful.You know,a nice packing helps find a market.Then,what about the item?Then,what about the terms of payment?

J:Letter of credit at sight.Here is our official offer with special price-CIF London.

B:How long will you keep your offer open?

J:Three days.

B:Fine.Thank you.


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