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Spoken English for Trade Unit 5 Placing an order

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Core Tip:Spoken English for Trade Unit 5 Placing an order

Unit5:Placing an order

Mr White,is a buyer from overseas,visiting the office of an import and export corporation in Shanghai. Mr Joe,is the manger of the corporation,with Ms Li as his secretary.

L:Mr White is just for see you,Mr Joe .Shall I bring him in?

J:Yes,please,and bring me the card bundles files as well and last quotations we sent him,will you?Oh,just remind me,Ms Li,did we offer subject on sold?

L:No,we offered firm.

J:Thanks you.

L:Mr White,

J:Good morning.Mr White,you have had a good trip,haven't you?

W:Yes,very good journey.Thanks you.We have had an offer and very much interested.

J:I wonder if you have found thatour specifications meet your requirement.I am sure the prices we submitted are competitive.

W:Oh,Yes.And I have come to place an order with you.We like your design of your average covers.My company was sent you an official confirmation soon. But there are a few questions sold to settled.For example,the cost for sending the goods.

J:Yes,I see.We quoted you the price ex-our warehouse prices.Do you want me give prices FOB?That would cover the transportation price from our warehouse to the docks.And all the handling and shipping charges, that wi will includes walfage ,hostrage,doc dues and publics,leaving to pay the sea freight,and maritanre insurance.Is that what you want?

W:No,I think we should prefer to have have an idea of total cost deliver right to our port.

J:Then,what about an CIF price?Then,we come to cost the goods to make and prehensive insurance with the cause from warehouse to warehouse.All the forwarding and shipping charges and freight paid to your charge.

W:Then,there will still a few thing left for us to pay.

J:Yes,the charges for your forwarding agent will clear the goods,and pay the customs dura,and arranging delivery to your side.I can get you CIF price work out by our shipping dept,well,we go on talking.Ms Li,take this prices quotations to shipping dept and get them to work out the CIF prices for Mr White,will you?

W:I would like to ask you Mr Joenext about the delivery,how soon can it be affected?

J:We will take partial deliverys.I mean,we could let you have,say one third of the order immediately from the stock,and this can be dispatched just as soon as we get shipping space.In this case,I suggest you make your order based on shipping schedule,divided in three.Each within reasonable three weeks.


J:And final consiment would be for forward delivery,you see future time,when time available for the mills.

W:Excuse me,but I think we should have a definite date for the last shipment.

J:Of course.You can stipulate in your order,say,final shipment not later than such date,some date on which we would be gain,some would be match by supplier ace.

W:Good.Let us know the best they can do.

J:That depends on their production programme and orders they have on the books.I think inquiry not about yourself,you are not pressed by time,aren't you?


J:Good,well.I will let Ms Li type these quotations.Perhaps you have something to drink with me.

W:Thank you very much.I should like to.

C:Good morning,Mr Matter.Welcome to our factory again.

M:Good morning,Mr Cheng.It's a always be my great pleasure to meet and take with my old friends.

C:Right wise.Okay,how can I help you this time then?

M:Yes,as you know,we are one of the leading manufactures of semi-scientific products in India.Also,a begger and consent consumer of pennisili for the time quote. serves as our most important material.We are very interested for the time being importing 20tons of the goods.And it would be highly appreciated if you can give us more firm and favorable quotations for this item.

C:It will be a great honor for us to serve your business.Before we could move forward with the transaction,I would we may have to explain that we could hardly supply you with the product directly at present since we can confin by exclusive agent agreement with AEC company in India.

M:I've been informed of the matter.When I am taking about is the business between you and our established trading company in HK.That will channel your product into India and lood the exclusive agent problem at the same time.

C:That sounds like a good idea.

M:Ok. I would like to book an order of 20 tons of the goods you will lose ,since they are just badly demanded.

C:Much to our great.Mr Matter.I am fraid we are not in the position to satisfy you with the quantity you inquired.As summer is usually the next season for anti-bay production,due to its high temperature.What's it more,two of our workshop will be overpouled during the period,and that will make the expansation even stranged.

M:It's understandable.But I also heard your new facilitys for palicili production is going to be fully

Operational very soon.I would be expecting some of the product could be squeezed from that.

C:We will consider your requirement,since the new facility has been completed quite closely.We will grant those priority who can help us with prior payment,which will speed up our capital operation.

M:As we deem you,our most reliable supplier,Mr Cheng,we will guarantee you TT payment in advance for 10tons of the products from new facilitys.Well,open LC at sight for the rest half for the old workshop..Do you think it is suitable?

C:To be frank,it's a quite favorable payment terms for us.As we always do business on the basis of equlity and mutual benefit,we should like to stand you our best offer at 22.5 US dollars CIF Bombay sea shipment.Hope it would be good for you.

M:Thanks.We will also like you CFR price if convenient.

C:Of course.That will be 21.8.

M:Let me check.In such as case,I could accept your price on CFR basis,since you will lower our import cost if insurance cost lower by us.

C:That's fine.Shall me call it a deal and sign contract for it>



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