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Acerola Cherry Extract

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Brand: Haoxiang Bio
Unit price: Negotiable
MOQ: 1 Kg
Quantity: 5000 Kg
Delivery date: Since the payment date 3 Days delivery
Area Origin: East Asia - China(Mainland)
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Acerola Cherry Extract                               
Plant source: Cherry belongs to Rosaceae deciduous tree fruit. Cherry red color when ripe, exquisitely carved, taste delicious, nutrient rich, high value health care, and "cherry" nickname. The product featured six to seven mature quality acerola cherry fruit (the natural vitamin C content is the highest), uses the international advanced low-temperature extraction and concentration technology, spray drying and vacuum freeze drying and processing into. Products complete preservation of acerola cherries original flavor and nutrients, trace elements are rich in natural vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin A, nicotinic acid, iron and other essential to human.
Product introduction: acerola cherries produced in Brazil, also known as Brazil cherry, belongs to the Malpighiaceae plant, it in the dry forests can grow to 5 meters high. It can look like small seeds by some European cherry grown rich bright red fruits, fruit diameter is 1-2cm, so it is called the West India cherry tree. Ripe fruit, soft and juicy, but also comfortable sour. In the northeast of Brazil in the sand, and wild Brazil cherry trees in many planting. It is native to North and South America, central and Jamaica American. In other countries and regions also planted.
Fruit Vc content is very high, general every 100g fresh fruit contains about 1500mg Vc, some can be up to 2200mg Vc. Vc is a good antioxidant, can be produced by human activities of free radical scavenging. But the natural VC because in addition to the VC, but also contains a variety of nutrients, absorption in the body slowly, concentrations in the serum can maintain high level long time, but also on the human body is the role of other sources of VC incomparable.
Distribution of resources: the origin of our country, have a very wide distribution, mainly distributed in the Yellow River and the Yangtze River Basin, is one of the earliest mature fruit trees of deciduous fruits. Shandong Province, Taishan, Laiyang, Anqiu, Haiyang and other places have scale cultivation in Junan county.
Haoxiang bio Production specifications: 17%VC, 25% Vitmin (VC) lyophilized powder
Detection method: UV Spectrophotometry
Character: light red powder fragrance, taste is sour, sweet
Product function: has the effect of whitening, improve complexion and skin texture, a balanced diet, fresh fruits and vegetables intake or diet supplement to lose weight, improve the immunity function, anemia, smoking, alcohol drinkers often. Natural vitamin C acerola cherry essence: collection of the vitamin C content of the highest fruit period acerola cherry, a fruit is equivalent to the sum of 5 oranges in vitamin C content is more rich in vitamin C, can promote the activity and bioavailability of vitamin P, so the effect of absorbent and far exceeds that of other sources of vitamin C
1, with the prevention of colds, enhance the antioxidant capacity;
2, often take a skin whitening, freckle, anti aging;
3, prevention of iron deficiency anemia, ascorbic acid;
4, with the detoxification of alcohol and tobacco, reduce side effects of drugs;
5, enhance immunity, promote wound healing, ascorbic acid;
6, prevention of bleeding gums; promote the synthesis of collagen, keeping skin smooth and elastic;
7, promote the absorption of the prevention of anemia and other efficiency of iron.
Packing specification: 1Kg/bag, 5Kg/bag, 25 kg/barrel or according to customers' requirements

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