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Door to door safe delivery Gamma-butyrolactone(GBL) BDO CAS NO.96-48-0 Suppliers in China

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Brand: Monad
Unit price: 20.00 USD/kg
MOQ: 10 kg
Quantity: 10000 kg
Delivery date: Since the payment date 133 Days delivery
Area Origin: Western Europe
Delivery Port: Shenzhen,tianjin,shanghai,wuhan
Trade Terms: FOB,CIF
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,Money Gram
Standard: Iso 9000
HS Code: 460000
Cooperative type: Wholesale,OEM
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Company Profile
  • Monad
  • Company Area: China(Mainland)
  • [Credit Integrity]
  • Address:Tower B, Century Plaza, Zhongnan Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan, China
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  • Contact:Sales Manager   
  • Language:English,Chinese
  • Member: [Offline]
  • Telephone:+86-371-65715593
Skype live:cid.672b25953f7a88b5
If you are looking for a reliable supplier,we were the perfect choice.
Gurantee 100% safe delivery,free of customs clearance !
We sell high quality
PMK                                       CAS:13605-48-6
BMK                                       CAS:16648-44-5
Ethyl 2-phenylacetoacetate(New BMK)       CAS:5413-05-8 
BDO                                   CAS:110-63-4
GBL                                       CAS:96-48-0
N-phenylpiperidin-4-amine,dihydrochloride CAS:99918-43-1
1-N-Boc-4-(Phenylamino)piperidine   CAS:125541-22-2
2-Bromo-4'-Methylpropiophenone           CAS:1451-82-7
Phenacetin                                CAS:62-44-2
Benzocaine                           CAS:94-09-7
Lidocaine                                 CAS:137-58-6
2-Bromo-1-phenyl-1-pentanone              CAS:5413-05-8
Tetramisole hydrochloride                 CAS:5086-74-8
2-Benzylamino-2-methyl-1-propanol         CAS:10250-27-8 ETC.
Contact me if you need
Wickr me:cathysales06
Wuhan Monad Medicine Tech Co.,LTD
Welcome for your inquriy!
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Tips:This page [Door to door safe delivery Gamma-butyrolactone(GBL) BDO CAS NO.96-48-0 Suppliers in China] infomation provided by [Monad] ,the enterprise is responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and validity of the information content. do not assume any guarantee of joint and several liability. A safe way to suggest that the two sides trade, to ensure the interests of both sides.

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