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Gel thickener CARBOMER 940 POWDER (

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Brand: crovell
name: carbomer 940
usage: thicker
package: 20kg/carton
Unit price: 70.00 usd/kg
MOQ: 20 kg
Quantity: 10000 kg
Delivery date: Since the payment date 3 Days delivery
Area Origin: East Asia - China(Mainland)
Delivery Port: shanghai
Trade Terms: FOB,CIF,EXW
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,Money Gram
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Company Profile
  • Hebei Crovell Bio Co., Ltd.
  • Company Area: East Asia
  • [Credit Integrity]
  • Address:No.66
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  • Contact:Sales Manager   
  • Language:English,Chinese
  • Member: [Offline]
  • Telephone:+86-371-65715593
 Gel thickener CARBOMER 940 POWDER (

English name: Carbomer 940, CAS No. 9003-01-4, the character is white loose powder; characteristic slight odor; strong hygroscopicity. Also known as Carbomer 940, it is an acrylic cross-linked resin obtained by cross-linking pentaerythritol and acrylic acid. Carbomer resin exists in water in an acidic form, and swells easily in water and polar organic solvents (such as ethanol, glycerin, etc.). It contains polyalkenyl polyether cross-linked acrylic polymer, which contains 56% -68% carboxylic acid groups in the molecule, making these resins weakly acidic, although weaker than acetic acid, it is easy to interact with inorganic bases and organic bases The reaction produces salts. Due to its swelling and weak acidity, it is a rheology modifier. The neutralized carbomer resin is a gel matrix with important properties such as thickening and suspension. Cream, gel.


Features and advantages:

high viscosity

High definition

Good suspension stability

Good temperature stability

Recommended Applications:Hair styling gel, hydroalcoholic gel, moisturizing gel, shower gel, body and face lotions, creams. Gynecological gel, antipyretic paste for children, disposable cleansing hand sanitizer, coupling agent, etc.

Packaging and storage:

Standard packaging: 20kg drum lined with PE bags.

Storage: Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

Shelf life: 24 months


After Carbo neutralization, long-term stirring or high-shear stirring will cause viscosity loss

The presence of electrolyte will reduce the thickening efficiency of Carbo resin

Long-term ultraviolet radiation will reduce the viscosity of Carbo resin.

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