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Ekòs Lactis
Properties: Delicate make-up remover with silk proteins and Q10, it cleanses and oxygenates the skin, making it radiant and vital.
Skin Type: Suitable to all kin types.
Use: Apply on face, neck and decolletè as a daily cleansing action, or whenever necessary
Size: 200 ml – cod EK6 – 1000 ml – code EK7 

Ekòs Aqua Citrume
Properties: Purifying and toning aromatic water for all skin types. With lemon extract.
Skin Type: Cleansing water, suitable to all skin types.
Use: Apply on the skin after cleansing with Ekòs Lactis.
Size: 200 ml – cod EK4 – 1000 ml – code EK5 

Ekòs Oleum Breast
Properties: Multi-functional oil, it preserves tone and firmness in the breast tissue, bringing nourishment, hydration and elasticity, thus preventing the formation of stretch marks and skin relaxation.With Rosehip and jojoba oil.
Skin Type: Suitable to all skin types.
Use: Apply whenever necessary on breast area.
Size: 200 ml – cod EK8 

Ekòs Exfolia
Properties: Exfoliating butter, soft and fragrant, it cleanses deeply, oxygenates and smoothes the tissue. With Macadamia Butter. Great as a preparatory base for the application of Matutina Emulsion or Noctis Cream.
Skin Type: For all skin types, especially formulated to remove skin impurities of face and body skin.
Use: Apply onto the part with a soft massage, then remove eventual residuals with a dry tissue.
Size: 50 ml – cod EK9 – 250 ml – EK10

Ekòs Labia
Properties: Replenishing Serum for lips and eyes contour, it enhances the skin tone, bringing nourishment and elasticity. With Vitamin E, Rosehip and jojoba oil.
Skin Type: Suitable to all skin types.
Use: Take a small portion and apply by massage on the part to be treated.
Size: 30 ml – cod EK11

Ekòs Reparia
Properties: Anti-ageing repair-mask, for tired and devitalized skins. Reduces skin discromies and relaxes facial features. With licorice extract (glycyrrhetinic acid), arnica oil, silk proteins.
Skin Type: Suitable to all skin types, particularly those dehydrated and toneless.
Use: Apply on face / neck and decolletè at least twice per week.
Size: 50 ml – cod EK12 – 250 ml – code EK13

Ekòs Oleum Body
Properties: Protein oil for body massage. It nourishes the skin, leaving it velvety and soft. Ideal for
even the most sensitive skins, with an eventual presence of varicose veins. With Vitamin E,blueberry extract, grape seed oil.
Skin Type: Nourishing massage oil.
Use: Apply whenever necessary on face or body, also as after-bath oil.
Size: 200 ml – cod EK14 – 1000 ml – code EK15

Ekòs Tetis
Properties: Massage cream for face and body, it improves the plasticity of the skin, leaving it deeply nourished, but not greasy. With silk proteins and Rosehip.
Skin Type: Nourishing massage cream.
Use: Apply whenever necessary on face and body.
Size: 250 ml – cod EK16 – 1000 ml – code EK17

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