• VIP Spain Group Socmil S.L Southern Europe - Spain
  • Business:Foods; Skincare Products; Maternity Products; Agricultural Products
  • (Trader)  
  • VIP United Kingdom Kolours of Beauty Ltd  Western Europe - United Kingdom
  • Business:FACIAL CLEANSER, Eye Cream, Vitamin C Serum, Face Lift Cream, Bamboo Hydrating Mist, Clay Mask, Face Cream, Self Tanning Spray,Body Lotion,SKIN LIGHTENING CREAM,SUNSCREEN,CLEANSING BAR,Skin Peel,
  • (Manufacturer,Wholesale)  
[United Kingdom]
  • VIP Italy Agami Srl. Southern Europe - Italy
  • Business:Skin Care Products; Cream; Serum; Gel Mask
  • (Manufacturer,Trader)  
  • VIP Israel Pharma Naturalis Ltd West Asia - Israel
  • Business:lifting cream based on sesame protein, the Acne cream based on goat milk, Cellulite cream based on cinnamon, multipurpose cream based on Dead Sea Mud, the unique Mud and Salt soap bar
  • (Manufacturer,Trader)  
[South Korea]
  • VIP United Kingdom Les Joli LTD Western Europe - United Kingdom
  • Business:Organic Argan Oil; Elixir Shampoo; Organic Argan Oil with Lavender; Elixir Hair Oil; Elixir Conditioner
  • (Trader)  
[United Kingdom]
[United Kingdom]
  • VIP ARGANDIOR sarl North Africa - Morocco
  • Business:Organic argan oil for cosmetic, Amlou, organic argan oil for food, safran, creams, serum, black soap, Ghassou
  • (Wholesale)  

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