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Military Gabions

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Gabions Welded for Construction of Military Fortification Barrier - Anti Blast Defence Gabion Walls - Flood Control Wall

Welded Mesh Gabions with strong mesh panels and heavy zinc corrosion protection are ideal material for military defending wall and security barriers.
Wire Material for Military Barrier: Hot-dipped galvanized wire, Hot-dipped galvanized wire with PVC coated, Zn-10%-Al wire, Zn-5%-Al wire.
Military Cells Structure:
The gabion barrier is assembled with collapsible wire mesh cages and heavy duty fabric liners.
The cover panels, side panels and bottom panels are produced separately, then assembled to a basket secured with lacing wire or hog rings.
Selvedge wire used to increase the strength of the mesh baskets by reinforcing the welded mesh panels are thicker wire than the mesh wire applied and stronger.
Wire diameter range:3.0-6.0mm
Spring selvedge wire Diameter:4.0mm 
Gabion Mesh opening: 50*50mm,75*75mm, 76.2*76.2mm,100*100mm, more.
Geotextile: Heavy duty non-woven polypropylene, in colors sand color, biege color, military Green.

Military defense
Perimeter security barrier
Command post, observation points and border checkpoints
Military barrier fortification system
Equipment revetment
Explosives and contraband search areas
Anti blast defence walls
Protecting structures
Defensive Firing Positions
Flood contro retaining wall

Gabion Barriers Features:
1. Economical. Just fill the stone or sand into the gabion containers and seal it.
2. Easy installation and quick finishing
3. Weather proof under natural destroy, corrosion resistant.
4. No collapse even under big pressure
5. Strong and solid structures
6. Good permeation can prevent the damage by hydrostatic.
7. Less transportation freight
8. Can be used with barbed wire

  • Gabion Cages (Stone Box)
  • Gabion Wall
  • Hexagonal Gabions Netting
  • Gabions Machine
  • Welded Gabions
  • Sack Gabions

Installation and Forming of The Gabion Barriers with Welded Mesh Panels, Spiral Binders, Pins and Sand
1, Front and back mesh panels are placed upright on the bottom panels
2, Secure panels by screwing spiral binders through the mesh openings in adjacent panels
3, Stiffeners shall be placed across the corners, at 300mm from the corner. Providing a diagonal bracing, and crimped over the line and cross wires on the front and side faces.
4, Gabions filled with stone or sand
5, Close the lid and secure with spiral binders at the diaphragms, ends, front and back.
6, When stacking tiers of the welded gabion box, the lid of the lower tier may serve as the base of the upper tier. Secure with spiral binders and add pre-formed stiffeners to exterior cells before filling with sands.
7. Units can be extended and joined using the provided joining pins.

Military Gabions
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